Create Custom Start Menu

We will now create a default Windows 10 start menu that will be used on every Windows 10 machine by default. If you add shortcuts to applications, make sure that you’ve include them in your task sequence or you’ll end up with a start menu looking like swiss cheese. (empty spots)

Log on a Windows 10 machine
Manually configure the Start Menu
Create a new StartMenu folder in your Windows 10 customization package
Start an elevated PowerShell and run the following command : Export-StartLayout -Path “C:\Temp\StartMenu.bin”
Copy the StartMenu.bin file to your Windows 10 customization package in the StartMenu folder

Open the SCCM Console and browse to Packages
Right-click your Windows 10 Customization package and select Update Distribution Point

Go to Software Library \ Operating Systems \ Task Sequences
Right-click and Edit your Windows 10 task sequence
Select Add / General / Run Command Line
Name : Set Start Menu Layout
Command line : Powershell.exe Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath StartMenu\StartMenu.bin -MountPath C:\
Check the Package box and specify your Windows 10 customization package
Position this step after the Windows image has been deployed

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